Leadstone Group



This project involved complete CRM migration from Oracle CRM ON Demand to SugarCRM for a leading online marketing company. The existing CRM was not flexible enough to cater all the diverse business requirements so the open source, fully customizable alternative of SugarCRM was suggested and adapted.

The main focus was to complete Data Migration from Oracle CRM OnDemand to SugarCRM smoothly and in process implement any customizations neccessary in SugarCRM. This phase of the project was very carefully analyzed and divided in to several different logical milestones to conquer the complexity and ensure highest quality of deliverable.

Future Enhancement

  • Automated Reports to Clients
  • Enhanced Notification Processes

Implementation Process

The complete project spanned over several months and followed the planned line of action. Each milestone below was individually handled to completion with constant client interaction and testing along the way.


Data analysis and basic field mapping

Detailed analysis of OracleCRM OnDemand was carried out and entities and fields were mapped on to SugarCRM modules.Deliverable for the milestone as a detailed entity and field mapping between existing OracleCRM OnDemand and out of the box SugarCRM instance.


Gap identification and customizations

The requirements for custom modules, fields and processes in SugarCRM were identified in this milestone and customizations were planned.


SugarCRM Customization

Before starting any data migration, all the required SugarCRM customizations were implemented.


Data Migration – Pass 1

Data migration process was carried out through a hybrid approach using SugarCRM Migration Tool , custom import scripts and ETL tools like Talend (wherever necessary). In the first pass a limited number of records from each module will be imported in SugarCRM to verify the import process and exhaustively test the migrated data.


Data Migration – Pass 2

After successful completion of Pass 1, the full set of data was imported and tested.



Extended support was provided after going live to fix any bugs that might arise during production usage.